Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura
Affordable Housing Homes List

Resale Homes:

Interested buyers must complete an application and must fall within the required household income eligibility requirements found on each listing. Buyers must also have an accepted offer prior to submitting application. The income limits and other requirements can be viewed by clicking here. In addition to income qualifying there are other resale resctrictions that must be followed. The city will review your application upon completing and meeting all the requirements and will determine if you are in eligible and in compliance.

Street Address  Tract Name:  Mod / Low:  Number of Bedrooms  Unit Type  Listing Price  Maximum Affordable Sales Price  Status 
1588 Marigold Avenue La Paloma Mod 3 Single Family $531,880 $531,880 Pending
10125 Carlyle Street NorthBank Greens Mod 4 Single Family $544,900 $616,900 Pending
771 Seneca Street D55 Seneca Gardens Low 2 Condo $329,000 $372,460
771 Seneca Street D41 Seneca Gardens Low 2 Condo $369,900 $372,460
1565 Matthews Avenue NorthBank Greens Mod 4 Single Family $535,000 $616,900
1564 Deschutes Avenue NorthBank Greens Mod 4 Single Family $549,000 $616,900
1622 Lobelia Ave La Paloma Mod 4 Single Family $595,800 $616,900

If you'd like to receive updates regarding new listings please complete an Interested Affordable Homebuyers Intake Form and send or email to njasso@hacityventura.org